January 2011 - Kitchen Lighting Upgrade

I recently installed some track lighting near the rear of my kitchen. The original fixture never worked properly and was a pull string. It also was connected poorly to the ceiling so it would move every time you tried to pull the string. I decided this was unacceptable and I wanted a working light fixture that was connected to a light switch.

This would have a been a fairly easy upgrade with the exception that it was necessary to route the wiring around a window. This involved pulling out a lot of drywall, drilling through beams and routing the wiring down, then back up. The drywall as always with my work took the longest. I found it's faster to rip more drywall out than trying to patch it with more plaster.

I also took it as an opportunity to swap out the electrical outlets from beige to white and put on some stainless steel looking face plates.

Purchasing the house.

I bought this house and moved in during Memorial Day weekend of 2004. I have slowly been fixing it up over the years. One thing I learned is that you can still have emergencies while repairing your house.